Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Big Reveal......

This has to be some sort of record....two posts in one week!!! But I'm trying to be regular and get caught up on some our recent marriage adventures. For those of you at our wedding, I meant what I said, when I mentioned AK loves an adventure.....I just under estimated how good he is at keeping a surprise (even though I did everything in my power to ruin our engagement and he nailed it and I was shocked, so maybe he's more talented than I give him credit for!!). Anyways, he pulled off a scavenger hunt with his good friend Nick Benyo that left Stephanie and I cracking up and anxiously awaiting our 30th birthday!!! :)

A few weeks ago, AK mentioned we were going on a date....just the two of us, out for a nice dinner, wine, and catching up. I was so excited, because a few weeks before that I think I sat in our house for something like 20 hours watching nothing but sports....the tigers were in the playoffs, spartan football, the lions, hawkeye football, etc. I love sports, but I was over it and made AK aware that I was burnt out. Well little did I know our "date night" had been in the works since SUMMER!!!

Anyhow, they set Steph and I up and had scheduled two nail appointments at a place where we get manicures. When we both saw each other and both explained to each other that our husbands had made appointments for us at 4pm, we both quickly realized we had just entered the matrix and there was no way out, other than cracking the clues. HA.

The minute our nails were dry the cute little Asian ladies handed Stephanie our first clue and said "you have nice husband!" We knew we were in for it. Luckily Steph cracked the first clue that led us to a wine bar where we were instructed to enjoy a glass of vino and cheese. We took that as a couple glasses of bubbles and wine, but who was counting. The freaky part was, when we walked in, the waitress asked if she was speaking with Stephanie and if so, clue #2 was waiting for us!!! # wierd. So luckily Steph and I can rhyme and were able figure out Root Down rhymed with Boot Clown.....still cracks me up. So onward we went and when we arrived at Boot Clown (now renamed, obviously), there they were just so smiley and sneaky looking. While Steph and I moved through the matrix, we both had ideas of what this was all about, but both agreed that we would be happy with nothing and would be excited our husbands planned such a fun (but we were secretly hopeful). So I think we made it through a few sips of wine before I had to know what was up.....and when I want something, I'm fairly persistent!!! So they shared with us that we could not stop trying to plan our 30th birthday celebration and tried to go around them multiple times and plan ourselves, so they thought they better share what they had up their sleeve......and the big reveal was the four of us will spend my and Stephanie's 30th birthday weekend in Napa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woot! Woot. Beyond excited and now the torture is waiting for it to arrive....or maybe I should be careful what I wish for. Either way, I'm excited to go back and show AK such a beautiful place and Steph and Nick are Napa pros and such fun people, so it should be a blast!!!!

If you can keep up....follow the matrix below (via photos).
And as always stayed mom was here last weekend and on Saturday I leave for Nicaragua on a Medical Mission with a non-profit group called Surgeons of Hope!!!! 

the first clue after our maincures were dry!!

clue #1. 
a few glasses of bubbles and vino.

so help us solve clue #2.
clue #2.
the kays and benyos all smiles sharing after dinner drinks.

nick is so excited, he just can't hide it!!! :)
and this is for the iowa peeps that read this.....this was the cover of the menu at one of the restaurant/bars we went to. We Love Pork!!!

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